Friday, February 15, 2008

Lean Cuisine 4 Cheese Pizza

MMMMMM Low cal pizza!
For a lower calorie pizza option this really isn't bad.
The package blurb:

Pizzeria-style pizza with a crispy crust from the microwave,topped with mozzarella,Asiago,Parmesan and Romano cheeses over a zesty tomato sauce.

Fat - 8g
Calories - 360
Vitamin A - 10%DV
Calcium - 30%DV
Vitamin C - 6%DV
Dietary Fiber - 8%DV
Weight Watchers® Points® 8

The portion size is that of any standard issue personal pizza. While there are four cheeses the pizza doesn't look of taste like it's drowning in cheese. I liked the addition of asiago. It's under used if you ask me (and since your reading this review I assume you would). What I didn't like is the Parmesan

The sauce is indeed zesty. Oregano is what comes to mind- as in a lot of it was used. It's a bit strong- which I like. And it keeps the sauce from tasting too sweet.

The crust, while it does get crispy even in the microwave, it is bland.
If your a crust fan you will probably be left disappointed.

Again as a low cal option even with the bland crust it's a tasty option. Would it be my first choice?- not likely. But all in all it's not bad.

Kroger (Ralph's depending on your location)

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