Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mayfield Birthday Cake Ice Cream

I feel like celebrating my un-birthday!
I have to give full credit for my addiction to cake flavored ice creams to Cold Stone Creamery. I would be far too willing to do bad things for even the smallest amount of they're cake batter ice cream with crushed Oreo's. Since sadly my closet Cold Stone closed so I have had to look around for the quick fix I need now and then.

Mayfield's Birthday Cake ice cream caught my eye a couple years ago. To be honest I am not a big Mayfield fan. It's not that it is bad ice cream, it's just sort of mediocre. There's too much air. It doesn't have that heavy cream mouth feel that your super premium ice creams have. But to be fair flavor wise they do some interesting things and for an ice cream in the same league as store brand it is decent.

The Birthday Cake flavor is a sugar cookie flavored base with a blue buttercream frosting swirl and a generous portion of sprinkles. It does indeed taste like sugar cookies- specifically those wonderful soft sugar cookies with frosting like you can get at your local supermarket. The frosting swirl tastes just like vanilla frosting from the can!
The sprinkles add a nice little crunch.

For those days when you would do obscene things for canned frosting (and ladies I know those days exist) this is one of my favorite options!

Kroger (Ralph's depending on your location)

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