Monday, February 18, 2008

Yorkie Biscuit & Raisin Bar

"It's not for girls!"- we'll see about that!
You've got to love a bar that's slogan and logo screams of sexism. Personally since I have a dark and perverse sense of humor I see it as more of a challenge then a warning.
According to the Wikipedia entry for the candy both Norwegian and UK customers found the slogan and ad campaign offensive. People need to lighten up- it's just chocolate!

So how good is the chocolate?
The bar is a Nestles milk chocolate with chunks of biscuits and raisins. I love raisins and think they are under used in candy in general. The chocolate is sweet- really sweet as most Brit chocolate seems to be, but it is creamy and does not have the grit that some of the Brit chocolate has.
The raisins are plump and moist. They bring to mind the only REALLLLY popular raisin candy Raisinettes (and yes, I do love them).
The biscuits are crispy and buttery. I found myself wishing they were salty (think Ritz crackers) but it was still satisfying.

I ended up liking this bar very much. Since I am not the biggest Nestle fan in the world I was pleasantly surprised. I see myself stocking up on these during my next trip to Whole Foods.

Whole Foods

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