Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recoil Portable- Samantha Lyle Energy Bars

Once again my thanks to Adam with Lyle for sending me out this bar to review
I have had this since I had the recoil drink but for one reason or another I hadn't reviewed it.

Honestly I am sorry I waited so long! I hate to sound like I am being overly posative because the company sent the samples to me but I REALLY liked this bar! (and I would like to think you guys know if I didn't I would have said it)

It's a chocolate enrobed bar that has crispies, more chocolate and strawberry flavor.
First points in it's favor- it's texture is more like a candy bar then an energy bar. Now I like energy bars as a rule. But what I hate is when they have that sticky, chewy Abba Zabba like texture. The enrobed chocolate is REAL milk chocolate and not the mocklate you tend to get with most bars. The crispy's are indeed crispy (and made of soy!) and the strawberry tastes like a real berry! (because it IS real strawberry!)

The best way to describe the taste would be to tell you to imagine a Nestle Crunch bar with crushed up dry Cocoa Puffs and strawberry. Again, I just really liked it.
Here is the blub from
Imagine strawberries picked at the peak of freshness resting on a bed of delectable crisps and smothered in succulent, milk chocolate. Congratulations! You have just experienced the wonderful world of RECOIL PORTABLE. Samantha and her team tasted over 100 different candidates before picking the perfect recipe for RECOIL PORTABLE. At 15 grams of protein, RECOIL PORTABLE is sure to satisfy, while watching your waistline with only 180 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 20 grams of carbs. Experience RECOIL PORTABLE today! It's an integral part of the Samantha Lyle Fitness Plan. RECOIL PORTABLE is a cholesterol free food. RECOIL PORTABLE is a kosher food. Each RECOIL PORTABLE is 48 grams total weight.

Best energy bar EVER!

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