Saturday, February 9, 2008

Recoil Energy Drink

I'd like to give a thank you to Adam from Samantha Lyle Fitness for getting in touch with me and sending me out the sample I am reviewing

Thanks Adam!

That done lets talk about the drink.
Here is the website blurb:
How are you going to get through a long day of work, soccer practices, and bedtime stories? Samantha's RECOIL ENERGY is specifically formulated to give that needed boost. RECOIL ENERGY reinvigorates you with L-Carnitine, Taurine, Ginseng, and B Vitamins with only five calories per can (8.3 FL OZ). RECOIL ENERGY gives you that extra boost without the diet busting sugar. At the office or on-the-go, RECOIL ENERGY will help you outlast the competition. RECOIL ENERGY is an integral part of the Samantha Lyle Fitness Plan.

I got this in the mail the other day but I waited to try it until today because I have an unbelievably long day that is split up and I only got 4 hours of sleep yesterday- if I ever needed an energy boost today's the day.

What does it taste like you ask?-
Pretty good. It reminded me an awful lot like Red Bull only sweeter and with a soft carbonation. I liked it, what I never liked about Red Bull was not the flavor it's self (and let's be honest it tastes kinda like baby Tylenol and I have always liked that taste) but the bitter after taste. Recoil has a sweet aftertaste that is best described as Inca Cola (which is a fruity almost bubble gum taste) and I for one am an Inca Cola fan.
Ok, you caught me I scarfed the can pretty fast.

The big question is really did it work?, did I feel a boost of energy?
Actually yes, I did. Normally by 7:30 pm (or 9 hours into my shift that doesn't end until midnight more or less) I would be starting to slug and lag but even by 9:00 pm I was still feeling relatively perky, I should probably say I made that up. Perky is not a word associated with me pretty much EVER but I did feel a lot more "with it" then I normally do-and I had drank the can around 3:45. I wouldn't mind having a stash of these on hand for those long days.

I wanted a second opinion on this one because I don't drink many energy drinks so I turned to my friend and co-worker who for the record has asked to be referred to as Ultra Mega Chicken for his take. Ultra Mega Chicken is a certified energy drink addict. I have seen him drink as many as 3 Rockstars in one shift (oh to be young and impervious to caffeine!) his verdict:
He loved the can!- gee shocking a busty chick and a big gun are indeed good selling points with early 20's men!. Taste wise while he liked it he does prefer Rockstar more. But he was really impressed by how quickly he felt perked up. In fact he said that it happened faster and with drinking less then it normally would with Rockstar- coming from him I would say that's pretty spiffy.

Sample from company. Visit the website for more products and information at

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