Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dark Mayan Chocolate International Coffee

So I was sitting around with my girlfriend's reminiscing about Jean-Luc and damn if we didn't get the urge for some delicious powdery International Coffee goodness!

Alright so none of that really happened, but bonus points to you if you get the Jean-Luc reference. On a serious note as a young lass back in the day I did have quite the love affair with the International Coffee's line (Swiss Chocolate Mocha especially). My mother and Grandmother went through a ton of the stuff and I would sneak some every chance I got (and that includes eating the sweet powder all by it's self)

As I got older and started drinking good coffee I honestly just forgot about the stuff. My local Mega Mart keeps cereal and coffee in the same aisle and on my last shopping trip the Dark Mayan Chocolate caught my eye. It sounded interesting so I grabbed some.

The tin says the coffee can be made with water or milk, I opted for the milk. It does indeed having a rich, dark cocoa flavor which is combined with cinnamon and of course coffee. As a coffee it's so-so- but as a hot chocolate drink it is outstanding!
The combination of the dark chocolate, the cinnamon and the coffee gives a deep and complex flavor. It's well balanced, not too sweet, not too bitter and just a touch spicy. AND if you were to make this with water (rather then milk as I did) it would come it at only 50 calories a serving!

I was surprised how much I ended up liking this. If you are a fan of hot chocolate definitely try this (just remember there is caffeine because of the coffee)

Publix Supermarket
But also seen locally at:
Kroger and Wal*Mart

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