Saturday, August 23, 2008

Casa De Dulce Watermelon Sucker with Chili

With all the some what useless knowledge I have running through my head I admittedly know very little about Mexican candy.
To say I am even moderately knowledgeable on the subject would be like saying Taco Bell is the epitome of Mexican cuisine.
What I do know is that the bulk of Mexican sweets seem to be some take on a combination of fruit, salt and chili and they are also a lot more accepting of Mocklate then the rest of North American is.

I opted to skip the mocklate and try one of these watermelon/chili lollipop-type candies. It sounded like an interesting combination and the portion is reasonably small- because I am brave but not that brave.

Reading the label I got a little worried because the candy appeared to contain absolutely no watermelon, it does list "natural flavors" but there is no clue as to what those flavors may be. I mean if you want to be picky morning breath is a natural flavor too- doesn't mean I want to taste it.

The first thing you taste is the outer layer of the chili powder. It reminded me of sawdust flavored chili. Next, the salt hits you. The salt is kind of nice because it almost takes your mind off the sawdust. If you can get through the outer layers the core in the center does have a watermelon flavor. It's sort of Jolly Ranchers-esque. The problem is that to get to that you have to make it through the sawdust like chili. I think watermelon and chili could be an interesting combination, I just don't think this version even came close to doing it justice.

Can anyone out there suggest some Mexican candy that shouldn't be missed?

Stater Brothers Market

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