Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Marzipan Bar

Hey Jim! I finally got around to reviewing this bar!
I have had this bar for a few months now and every so often I glance at it and think "I really should try that". In fact when Jim of Jim's Chocolate Mission did his review of the Ritter Marzipan bar (read his review HERE) I even went as far as posting on Jim's site that I was going to review it soon. And by "soon" apparently I meant 1 month and 4 days later. Uh... well I got there eventually.

I love marzipan. I am one of those 5 people who will actually like marzipan- yes, I buy and eat those little fruit shaped marzipan's you see around the holidays. This was also the first time I tried Ritter's take on dark chocolate.

The bar it's self is the standard 100 gram bar scored into individual pieces. The dark chocolate is wrapped around a very generous grainy and solid looking marzipan center.

So was it worth the wait?
The chocolate it's self is on the sweet side for a dark chocolate. It melts creamy and it does have just enough cocoa so that you don't mistake it for milk chocolate. It doesn't have the bitter quality I like about deeper darks but it is presentable. The clear star here is the marzipan.

And it is some good marzipan! The first notes are very cherry like. Imagine Amaretto De Serrano in a solid form. As you get deeper into the filling the flavor becomes nuttier and slightly buttery. The texture is crumbly and grainy, more so then I find most marzipan. But I liked that. It give the candy a more interesting edge over some of the generic chocolate covered marzipan's I have had. I really liked the marzipan- enough to eat it on it's own. The chocolate, I could take or leave. It is not the best dark chocolate I have ever had but it is far from the worst.

If you are a marzipan fan you shouldn't miss this bar. If you have never tried marzipan before this would be a good place to start.

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Yo Gi! Thanks for the shout out :D

The marzipan centre is well and truly the star of this bar isnt it! Actually saying that the fillings always seem to be the best bit of the Ritter's!

This one is certainly an acquired taste - but if your fans of marzipan like me and yourself...well its fan-tab-ulous isnt it :)

Great review
Jim :D