Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pepsi NFL Kickoff Limited Edition

Ok fans it's the return of Lemon flavored Pepsi... oh yeah and Football starts soon.
I know, I know, I probably should be more excited about Football then I am about soda, but to be honest I am just not a fan. What I was a fan of was Pepsi Lemon Twist that got discontinued two years ago.

While in the Cola War I am firmly planted on the side of Coke. I do have to give Pepsi credit for doing they're flavored versions of cola better then Coke. Anyway, let's talk about the NFL Kickoff version.

It's a lemon flavored Pepsi that is tied int the start of football season. Taste wise it reminded me a bit of the old Lemon Twist, except that the lemon flavor is not as strong as I remember the Lemon Twist being. Imagine if you will a regular can of Pepsi that you squirted some of that lemon juice that comes in the little plastic lemon into. That pretty much covers the intial flavor. There is a rather unfortunate aftertaste. It reminds of corn syrup. If you ever had a bottle of Karo syrup around and felt the need to just taste it to see what it was like all by it's self (don't judge me!) well that's what the after taste is like. Since the soda is of course sweetned with HFCS it's not exactly a strech that you would end up tasting some of it.

It's not bad, I just don't care for the aftertaste. I have a bottle of the diet version and I will be comparing the two any day now.

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Anonymous said...

"if you have had a bottle of Karo syrup around..."
You did not!!!

Gigi said...

I really would like to tell you that I just used that as a humorous line but no- my mother then and to this day for reasons unbeknownst to me keeps both the light and the dark Karo syrup on hand at all times. And yes, I really did just take a taste once. Notice I said ONCE

Anonymous said...

but of course! : )