Friday, August 22, 2008

Hebert's Fully Loaded Berry Good! Bar

The Berry Good! bar really is fully loaded
It's a a slab of dark chocolate that is just shy of 3 oz's and is loaded with strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and white chocolate chips. If nothing else it is a pretty looking bar.

Opening it I was dismayed to find that despite having more then 4 months on the sell by date the bar had started to bloom. I am a trooper folks and as such I am always ready to take one for the team and I dove in anyway.

I can tell you that the berries themselves were all pretty good. Even though they were dried they still stayed reasonably plump and juicy. The cranberries were the ones I liked best (craisins!) But the blueberries were nice and tart and the strawberries were sweet.

Have you ever had a day that was mostly bad but with a few good spots? well that would be the chocolate in relation to the berries. The dark chocolate was chalky and flavorless. There is no bittersweet edge. There is no creamy mouth feel. The white chocolate just adds an oily component to the bar (although it does look nice). There was no melt to speak of, the chocolate just sort of lumps up.
This bar may have been fully loaded but it left me filling half-cocked.

Jay's Shell Station Monrovia, Ca


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