Friday, August 8, 2008

Trader Joe's Kettle Corn

With the L.A. County Fair coming up in less then a month you would think I might be able to keep my kettle corn craving at bay
After all kettle corn is (as far as I am concerned) the single best fair food EVER!
There is just something so great about fresh hot corn, the sugar caramelizing from the heat. The salt on your fingers...mmmmmmmmmmm...

Ok, clearly I am a fan. And since I am also not a patient person when I saw the TJ's version on the shelf I had to give it a try.

Unfortunately, there is just no way to get some of my favorite parts of the kettle corn experience out of a ready made bag. You don't get to eat it warm and you can't ask them to go heavier on the salt or the sugar. And pre-made bagged popcorn always has a chewier, staler texture then fresh popped.

Even with all that being said TJ's did a pretty good job with they're version. One of the things I liked that they did is that some of the pieces (kernels) are salted, others are sugared and others are plain. I think that blending the flavors this way rather then trying to cram everything on to each kernel is what makes this version better then any of the other ready made kettle corns I have tried.

The corn is sweet- but it's not overwhelming or sticky like a Crunch N' Munch type corn (and trust me I LOVE Crunch N' Munch). It is salty but not excessively. I also give TJ's points for the corn only having four ingredients:
Popcorn, Salt, Sugar and Sunflower Oil. Let's face it kettle corn is not the best snack in the world for you but I like the fact that it is also not full of preservatives and additives.

Trader Joe's

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

ooooh no! I really am not a fan of sweet popcorn! Give me salted anyday - could be intresting to taste them combined I guess.

Now hot sticky toffee topped we are talking :D