Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gatorade Tiger- Quiet Storm

Again here's to hoping drinking Tigeraide (which I think would have been a better name) helps to improve my mini golf game.
I know during my last Gatorade review I had mentioned I was going to be reviewing foods that you eat when your sick, and while I did eat (a little) I lost all sense of taste so at the time I thought it was unfair to review anything that I wasn't getting the full spectrum of.

One of the things that kept me trucking was of course the Gatorade and I had some Quiet Storm on hand. At the time about all I could taste was watered down grape flavor and I thought that perhaps I felt that way because of my not-quite- functioning taste buds. Since it was on sale again I picked up another bottle.

Maybe my taste buds weren't working so bad after all. Quiet Storm is a pretty deep purple in the bottle- and we all know deep purple translates to "grape" taste-wise. And grape it was but it was simply a weaker version of the classic Gatorade grape. Not that that is a bad thing- I have a thing for artificial grape flavor and classic Gatorade grape represents that well. I can't prove it but I think the Tiger line is merely the Rain line with extra electrolytes (and we all know they are what plants need!). In this case I think I prefer the classic grape Gatorade but if you like your flavors more subtle this would be a good option for you.

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