Monday, August 18, 2008

Diet Pepsi NFLKickoff Limited Edition

Yesterday I reviewed the "regular version of Pepsi NFL Kickoff and today we have the Diet version

It's almost hard to believe that the diet and regular version are supposed to be the same flavor. Everything that was less then stellar in the normal version seemed to work themselves out in the diet version. I will spare you guys the whole back story again- check out the first review for the niceties. Let's just talk taste.

First, the lemon flavor seems brighter and zestier.
Second, the strong corn syrup aftertaste I didn't like in the normal version is completely absent here. I would assume that is because the diet version of course does not have HFCS in it.

This may actually surpass Diet Cherry Pepsi as my favorite Pepsi product.

Vons Supermarket

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