Monday, August 18, 2008

Sticky Fingers Barkeries Wild Blueberry Scones

Sometimes you just need a nice warm scone at 9:00 pm at night...
And at times like those who wants to drive to the nearest bakery or Starbucks (if they even have any scones at that hour!)

Now, of course you can make them from scratch but I don't tend to keep the ingredients for blueberry scones on hand. Enter Sticky Fingers. Sticky Fingers Bakeries make scone mixes that all you have to do is add water, mix and roughly 12 minutes later you have warm scones.

The mix was easy enough to mix. It is VERY sticky- and if you were wanting to form cute little triangle scones you will need to have flour on hand. We all know I am a fan of raw dough- pretty much any raw dough. Well not this raw dough. It's not that I didn't like a sticky, gummy, version of envelope paste, but I am just not a fan of sticky, gummy envelope paste. Into the oven the scones went and I went to kill 12 minutes.

What the scones may have lacked in flavor when raw they did smell fantastic while baking. Gotta love having your house smell like fresh baked items with minimal effort.

So the taste? did I mention how good they smelled while baking?
Unfortunatly the aroma that wafts forth is the best part of the scone. While the scones ARE very light and fluffy the taste is just- eh. The flavor is bland doughiness and there are not nearly enough blueberries. But worst of the lot is that the envelope paste taste does not go away when fully baked.

I loved the idea of this product, but I will either need to plan my 9:00 cravings better or start making scones from scratch.

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Scone + Clotted cream + Blackberry Jam = Ridiculous amounts of Yummyness!!!

Nothing beats a good scone with a cup of tea in the afternoon!

Anonymous said...

err... *cough* envelope paste taste *cough* never mind. : )

Gigi said...

Jim, I love a good, warm scone. Sadly these are not those scones. HHMMM clotted cream...

Yeah, I recommend staying far away.