Monday, August 4, 2008

Peanut Butter Newman-O's

If I ever met Nell Newman in person I am going to have to give her a huge hug.
So far I have loved all of the Newman's Own Organic products that I have tried- and the Peanut Butter Newman-O's are no exception. Actually they are my favorite so far.

We all know how I feel about Oreo's. While nothing will ever replace the happiness that a perfect Oreo dunked in milk brings me- BUT these Peanut Butter O's brings there own special kind of cookie happiness.

The chocolate wafer cookies not only look a lot like certain other cookies we could mention but the flavor is very close. The standout star of this cookie is the peanut butter filling. The filling looks and tastes like actual peanut butter! It's strong, smooth and just a little salty!
I know you may be wondering to yourself (or out loud if you are like me and talk to yourself) why I am surprised by that fact. I will tell you why. The problem with most sandwich cookies is that the filling is seldom more then vaguely flavored sugar. Oreo in fact did do a peanut butter creme version a few years back (check out The Impulse Buy's review HERE) but personally I did not like them because the filling reminded me of peanut flavored Crisco. And yes, in case you are wondering my way of eating this types of cookies is to pull the two halves apart and lick out the creme. For once I actually saved the cream rather then the cookies for last.


Sample From Company


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Grrrr stop reviewing such tasty stuff im literally foaming at the mouth of these bad boys!!


Peanut Butter....even better

Cookies + Peanut Butter ..... now we are talking

:( crappy UK non peanut butter loving market :(

Anonymous said...

About that other cookie and you, not sure how committed the relationship is, but there's a 'Banana Split Creme' version out there, that might, or might not, be worth a second glance, or just a fleeting glimpse.
Then again, reading the above (Yum-O's!), probably neither... : )

Gigi said...

LOL Just for you all next week I will review nothing but bad tasting things like envelope paste and bean sprouts (I really hate bean sprouts!)

I will have to add a pack of these cookies to send to you!

OMG! I had no idea that a Banana Split version was out- now I am on a quest to track it down locally!

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Euuuh Bean Sprouts! I always have to pick them out when we get chinese take out.

I need to sort you out with some $$$monies$$$ if your sending me a package young lady! Give me a mail ;)