Saturday, August 2, 2008

Walkers Shortbead Mincemeat Tarts with Glenfiddich Whiskey

Since the holidays are scarily enough just around the corner (as the Christmas decorations already on sale at my local Wal*Mart will attest) I thought I would get a jump on them with a review that kind of screams Thanksgiving to me...
C'mon I know it's not just me- mincemeat is such so Thanksgivingy (that's a word right?). I should be clear that I only like the all fruit version of mincemeat and not the version that actually contains meat- which I know has it's fans, I am just not one of them. Lucky for me this is a meat free version.

I am not sure why but I had thought that the tarts were going to be little tiny bite size tarts. To my happy surprise each tart is about the diameter of a cupcake- they are even in they're own little tins! (we all know I am a sucker for cute packaging)

There is also instantly no doubt that the tarts are in fact made with the Glenfiddich scotch- very generously at that. The first thing you smell is that lovely, lovely scotch. Just as smooth as Sean Connery in his Bond days.

The tart shell is made up of soft and flaky shortbread. The mincemeat is moist and juicy. These were just all around good. I would love to try these warm, maybe with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

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