Monday, August 11, 2008

Gatorade Tiger- Cool Fusion

Sadly folks Gigi is sick (again...). This means our next few reviews will be centered around that- Food and drinks for when you are sick- That is how committed I am to this site people!
One of the major things you need to do when your sick is to stay hydrated. Yes, of course good old H2O is the best- but let's be honest here, sometimes you just need something that tastes good.

Enter Gatorade. It's hydrating AND it comes in bright colors!- and I know this is probably not the best way to pick new flavors to try but I tend to go for the ones whose color catches my eye.

In this case, that would be the Tiger Cool Fusion. The Gatorade Tiger line is like super Gatorade. It contains 25% more electrolytes then regular Gatorade (it's what plants need!- bonus points if you can guess the movie that came from) and is the sport drink of choice for Tiger. By drinking his drink will that make my mini-golf game better? because I suck! anyway...

Cool Fusion is a spiffy neon green drink that is supposed to be lemon-lime flavored. Maybe it is my slightly dead taste buds but if I hadn't read that it was supposed to have a lemonade flavor to it I wouldn't have noticed. I did pick up a very mellow lime. It's not as strong as the traditional lime Gatorade but not as weak as the lime Rain version. When it was ice cold it was quite refreshing. Only when it got to room temp did I notice the lemon mostly because the level of tartness got stronger the warmer the drink got.

For day to day drinking I still prefer the original lime but this was a nice twist for a change.


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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

oh no Gi get better soon! I also gorge on the old energy drinks when im feeling rough! We have something called lucozade in notch stuff - packed FULL of sugar! lol one of the flavours is even called glucose!

Get well soon!