Monday, August 25, 2008

New Tree Rejoice Bar

Today I got a wicked craving for a chocolate with rice crispies type bar.
I place the blame for this with the always fab Cybele over at Candy Blog because in her last couple reviews she has been talking about missing old school Hershey's Krackle bars
I was not a big fan of the Krackle but I always liked it over the Nestles Crunch- it's a mute point in either case because I had neither on hand and I was not going to run out and buy a Hershey's assortment bag for a bar that is now mocklate.

But I did remember that hiding in my stash was the New Tree Rejoice bar.
The Rejoice bar is milk chocolate with bitter orange and crisped rice. How good does that sound? New Tree had yet to let me down and this bar was no exception!

Let's start with the aroma. While it is not strong if you take a good deep inhale you will get the vanilla, the cocoa and lime blossom. I was almost worried that the lime was going to be the dominate taste but it wasn't.

The creamy milk chocolate that new tree uses is what I wish all milk chocolates would be. It's very creamy, the dairy quality stands out. It's sweet without being cloying and they use REAL vanilla.

The orange component is bitter. It tastes of freshly zested orange and there is just a hint of the lime blossom is the background (it's actually the last citrus note you taste). The rice is crispy and malty. Rather then being large "crispies" like the Krackle or the old school version of the Nestles Crunch. Instead they are like little rice non perils.

Every time I think I have found the best New Tree bar I try another version and have a new favorite.

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