Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Honor Of Gigi's Grandmother

I don't do this very often but for just a moment we are going to take a break from reviewing and I am going to ask you to raise a piece of candy in tribute instead.
Today marks the 7'th anniversary of my beloved Grandmothers passing.

My Grandmother was truly a remarkable woman and there is not enough bandwidth in the Universe for me to begin to tell you how much she meant to me. Since I can't do that I thought we would talk about her favorite candy.

Grandma was something of a foodie herself. As long as whatever it was didn't contain poultry (long story) she was game for anything. One of the things she absolutely loved were peanut butter cups. Seriously, the woman was addicted to Reese's peanut butter cups.
Something that always sticks in my mind was the week following Easter in 1986. Myself and my siblings had gotten more Easter candy then there was ever hope of us eating- and my Grandmother had happily picked off all the peanut butter items quickly. Well one day Grandma got a bad jones for a peanut butter cup and they were long gone. My parents were out of town on business and my Grandmother didn't drive so there was no way she was going to get to the store for several days. So she had no ready made cups, she had no car- but what she did have was roughly 700 pounds of various chocolate Easter bunnies and a full jar of peanut butter.

My Grandmother decided she was going to make her own peanut butter cups and she spent the day in the kitchen melting down bunnies and using cupcake wrappers as molds. We learned many things that day. One, that mocklate (as sadly many of the bunnies were) does NOT make for pleasant melting. Two, making homemade candy can be fun and lastly, Grandma would go to some pretty insane lengths for a fix.

In honor of my Grandma please share one of your favorite peanut butter cups with someone you love.


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

GiGi that was a really great tribute! Im sure your grandma would massivelly approve and be proud of your site.

I share her love for peanut butter cups! I cant get enough of them either! Maybe you should try making them again someday! GiGi's PB Cups ...sounds like a plan to me!


Gigi said...

Thanks Jim!
I like to think that she would have gotten a kick of out my doing this.

And she would definitely love the thought of sharing peanut butter cups around the world!