Friday, August 1, 2008

Newman's Own Organic Soy Crisps- White Chedder

HMMMMM Cheddar...
You caught me. I WAS drooling like Homer Simpson. I can't help it, cheddar flavored anything tends to do that. I also happen to love soy crisps (what?!) I love the texture.

These Newman's Organics are no exception to the rules.
First I love the texture. Soy Crisps remind me a lot of rice cakes- only not as sterofoamy- and yes, I know I am nuts for saying this but I am one of those freaks that actually LIKES the texture of rice cakes (I was dropped on my head a lot as a baby). There are a lot of open spaces and little crannies that the powdered flavoring can set into.
The white cheddar flavoring here is in a powdery form but it is not too salty or over powering. If you have ever had bagged cheddar popcorn the flavor is like that- only good.

I liked these because they solved a few of my cravings at once, they were savory, crispy and salty. They are also gluten free. I myself have no problem with gluten- however my Nephew can't have it at all and I think he is going to love these snacks!

Sample From Company

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