Friday, August 1, 2008

Trader Joe's Espresso Chocolates

TJ's has redeemed themselves with this one!
This is one of those candies I am a bit late to on the review. Both Jim from Jim's Chocolate Mission (read his review HERE) and Cybele from Candy Blog (read her review HERE) I had been eyeing the candy on the TJ's shelf for a while now but for various reasons just never got around to buying. My last trip I had made a point of looking for them. I wanted a coffee/chocolate combo and I wanted something different then chocolate covered espresso beans (not that they aren't pretty spiffy themselves)
Would it be embarrassing to admit that I barely waited until I was at my car to open the box and have one?

Just like on the front of the box the candies themselves look like little logs- they even have the faux wood graining on the top. The first one that I ate I had whole allowing it to completely melt in my mouth. The dark chocolate of the outer shell is just this side of of semi-sweet, and works really well to contrast the bitter espresso. The espresso filling really is a completely liquid center and when the chocolate shell breaks down oozes out and is cool on the tongue. The espresso center it's self is not the strongest coffee flavor out there. But it does have a nice bitter edge to it and I give TJ's points for doing it "black" instead of the way most coffee fillings seems to go on the overly sweet and creamy side.

This is one of my favorite coffee chocolates yet!

Trader Joe's

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Gi im glad you enjoyed these aswell. I completely agree with you for a 'espresso' product the coffee flavour could do with just being that little bit stronger for my liking.

I used to have a few of these with my morning black coffee - absolutely awesome way to start the day.