Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter Ice Cream

Happy 30'th Birthday Ben & Jerry!
Every once and a while Ben & Jerry come out with a flavor that is just so good I am prepared to lock myself in the room with a pint and have myself a little threesome (TMI?) I haven't felt that way in years to be honest.

However, for their 30'th Birthday they have a special Cake Batter edition- now, if you have read any of my ice cream reviews you would know that my absolute all-time favorite ice cream is Cold Stone Creameries Cake Batter. I won't lie this ice cream does not top the Cold Stone but it is pretty damn good!

The base flavor is supposed to be yellow cake batter. And I'll be a monkey's uncle if they didn't nail the flavor of yellow cake batter right on the head. If you brought it to room temp I am willing to bet based on flavor alone you would not be able to tell the difference between real cake bater and the ice cream.

Most cake batter ice creams feature a frosting swirl (Like Mayfields). As a rule the frosting is vanilla or a butter cream. Ben and Jerry up the ante here and use a chocolate frosting swirl. The combo of the yellow cake with the chocolate is great!
If I didn't know it was frosting I would have just assumed that it was a standard chocolate swirl. If you are looking for that thicker, slightly grainy, extra sweet edge frosting brings, you may be disapointed. But personally I think it was pretty good as is.

One of Ben & Jerry's best flavors ever!


Anonymous said...

I bet you've never tried Maggie Moo's, then - Maggie Moo's makes the best cake batter ice cream I've ever tasted. I only wish they sold in stores - they are a chain and their West Palm Beach store closed. But if you can order it online, you should - the richness is unbelievable.

Cara said...

I disagree with you, person above me. Cold Stone's cake batter is far better than Maggie Moo' by a bloody long shot.
As for the Ben & Jerry's..I'm about to run out to the store and try it since I've been craving some ice creamm!

tntitansmama said...

I'm 6 months pregnant and ran across this today. I feel like I've died and gone to heaven!!

Lynn said...

Uh uh, I have to disagree with all of you!!! B&J's is THE BEST! I do love Coldstone's too, but I think theirs has less cake batter flavoring than this one does. I particularly like the chocolate frosting swirl, it is just the right amount. Just do yourself a favor and DO NOT read the nutritional facts. It's kinda like waking up the next morning after a threesome - you tend to regret it! ;)