Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snapple Antioxidant Water Defy- Raspberry Acerola

First I would like to sat thank you to Chessia with Snapple for giving me the chance to review several of the new Antioxidant Waters
I am a huge fan of Snapple so I was pretty excited to hear from them.

The new Antioxidant Water line contain vitamins and electrolytes. This particular water was part of the Defy group and have vitamins A & E as well as grape seed extract.

The flavor I tried was Raspberry Acerola. OK, I admit I had to Google Acerola. According to the Wiki entry they are a kind of cherry like plant that are well known for being very high in vitamin C.

The flavor of the water actually kind of reminded me of a weaker, more sour version of raspberry Kool-Aide. It has a nice sour taste without being bitter.
It was smooth and easy to drink. I liked that unlike some of the flavored waters out there it didn't seem to be sickeningly sweet from artificial sweeteners. All in all it was pretty refreshing.

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Roxann said...

It's nice to know that there is now flavor of this snapple antioxidant water , the raspberry acerola. And another thing is that it contain vitamins and electrolytes that is good for our body. Thanks for sharing this post and I am hoping that I could see more of your post.