Thursday, March 13, 2008

Frey Bouquet d'Oranges Bar

I loved the Frey Coriander and Cinnamon bar so I had high hopes for this one
Once again do I even need to repeat that I love orange and chocolate together?- AND not only does this bar have that, it is even dark chocolate!

The aroma of the chocolate is vaguely floral and the chocolate has a nice snap. There is no melt to the chocolate but it does have a crunchy bite. The mouth feel even at that is weird. The best way to describe it would probably be that it's dry, really dry. There seems to be little studs of sugary orange-type origin. I am not sure exactly what they are because as far as I could tell the orange only comes to the bar in the form of "orange powder" (well and citric acid)
I liked the little grainy mystery studs none the less. I would love to do a chocolate chips cookie with these.

Loved the taste. The whole dry mouth feel I could have skipped. It would have been better with actual orange bits. Again I would love to cook with this bar.


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