Friday, March 21, 2008

Hostess Orange Cupcakes

This is the 200'th post!!

Wow! that sort of snuck up on me. Once again let me say thank you to everyone out there who reads this. I have more fun then I probably should admit too putting this blog up.

I thought that it would be fitting that for the 200'th post I review one of my childhood favorites. And that would be the Hostess Orange Cupcake.

My first memories of the orange Hostess stems around grocery shopping. Way back when I was much, much younger and my parents would select me as the lucky kid out of three that got to go to the grocery store with them, somewhere around kid time hour seven of the task it went from being fun to being about as boring as the ingredient list on a bottle of water. I am not not really sure if my Father was also as bored (my Mother could and still does spend about a half an hour in the detergent aisle alone)or if he was simply sensing that whining was about to start had sort of a seventh inning stretch up his sleeve.
It was at that point that a package of Hostess Orange Cupcakes would make an appearance. There are few things that bring as much joy to a bored kid as sugar. Because they were as far as I ever knew only sold in the two cupcake packs they never seemed to make their way home and were a covert snack- not to be shared or even mentioned to my Brother and Sister at home (an even number of snack and an odd number of kids is a recipe for diaster). Ever since them I have been in love with the things! When I see them at convince stores or once and a while at the grocery store I can't resist getting a package.

They are still sold two to a pack. Much like their better known chocolate sibling they feature a fondant like frosting top (complete with squiggle)and a filling of too sweet "cream".

The base cake is vaguely orange flavored and spongy. The main orange flavor come from the frosted top. And I do love those frosted tops... Yes, I have been known to pull it off and eat it on it's own. The orange flavor is zesty, yes it is on the artificial side but it's one of those cases were if it is wrong then I would rather not be right. The texture is gritty and sugary but again that is one of the charms as far as I am concerned.

These will also be a childhood guilty pleasure, and I will always love them.

Kroger (Ralph's depending on your location)

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