Monday, March 3, 2008

Mieszko Brandy & Orange Gem

I found these in a bulk candy bin at my local Persian market.
Let me tell you it was not terribly easy to get information on this candy in English!

Mieszko from what I can tell is a very popular candy maker in Poland. They have quite an impressive web site- that I finally found in English! (

Inside the wrapper is a very pretty bon bon that is a milk chocolate shell that is filled with a mix of orange and brandy filling. The smell is heavenly! the orange not noticeable but the deep earthy cocoa and the sweet brandy marry perfectly. It smelled so good I almost didn't want to bite into it.

Note, I said almost It actually tastes better then it smells!

The chocolate shell is surprisingly thick and has a good snap to it, it is also more of a semi-sweet then a milk if you ask me.
The orange is the first things you taste. It tastes like freshly grated zest. The brandy has got to be real brandy. It's thick and sweet with the slow burn of brandy.
Simply outstanding!
The combination of the chocolate, the orange and the brandy is amazing.

I like these enough to make a trip out to my Persian grocer just for them- but if you are not lucky enough to find them locally they can also be purchased from Chocoladka.Com

Local Persian Market

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