Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ferrero - Rondnoir

My thanks to Amy with Ferrero for send out the beautiful Prestige package you see in the picture
I am already a huge fan of the Ferrero Rocher so just the description of the Rondnoir was enough to convince me I would probably like it even more.

The Rondnoir is as the companies description says has a dark chocolate cream that surrounds a "black pearl" of fine dark chocolate. That is enclosed in a delicate wafer and covered in more dark chocolate.

I loved everything about this candy!
The crunch of the wafer. The great little bits of nubby chocolate covering the shell.
The cream layer is sweeter then all of the other layers but that really serves to set of the generous sized pearl of dark chocolate in the center. The pearl melts in your mouth in a smooth waterfall of chocolate.

My only compliant is that I could easily eat way too many of them in one sitting.
My initial thoughts proved correct. As much as I do like the Rocher the Rondnoir IS my preference of the two.

I hope the Easter Bunny brings me more!

Sample From Rep

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