Friday, March 28, 2008

Cinnamon Life Cereal

Would I be compleatly dating myself to admit that I grew up in the Mikey era of Life Cereal?
Mikey and I had a lot in common. We were both picky, had annoying siblings and liked cereal. Mikey had the good fortune of not being sensetive to milk at a time when dairy alternatives or Lactose pills either weren't readily available or didn't exist.

The few times in my younger life I did eat cereal I loved life. The even slimmer times I got Cinnamon Life were indeed happy days.

Thankfully, these days between soy milks and Lactaid products I can eat cereal (and ice cream!) to my hearts content but Cinnamon Life is still one of my favorites.

The cinnamon flavor is exactly like that of a fresh cinnamon stick. Just a little firey, not sugary sweet and at the same time it's not overbaring.

I love the texture. Life has a kind of open basket weave to it, that helps trap the milk in but if you like your cereal soggy (and I do- I know I am weird) it also helps expediate that.

There is a reason this is a classic breakfast staple. It's simple, there are no wacky flavors or dried fruits or super vitamins. It just tastes good- and I like it! I like it!

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