Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cadbury Orange Creme Egg

How do they get the chickens to lay orange flavored eggs?
Are they related to the cows that make chocolate milk?
Should I write reviews on 3 hours of sleep?

Those are all good questions but lets just talk about the egg.
I admit that every Easter I eat one (and only one) of the traditional Cadbury eggs. I have done it every year of my life that I can remember (OK, when I was younger I did eat more then one) and this year I saw the orange version.

We all know how I feel about orange and chocolate together so you know I HAD to try it.

Did the Cadbury eggs used to be bigger or did I used to be smaller. I actually like the new smaller portions, in my old age a larger serving would be just too much sugar. My weird way of eating a Cadbury egg is to unwrap it and bite off a portion of the top of the egg (sort of like how one eats a soft boiled egg) then I like to nibble slowly around that opening. I like the fact that if I wanted it it would be possible to extract the creme and leave the chocolate shell.

I have to give the orange egg points for looking pretty cool split open, it does look kinda like real egg yolks.

The chocolate it sweet, hints vaguely of diary and is a little waxy- but I think by now we all expect that Cadbury Eggs will have sweet chocolate. The orange creme tastes like orange zest- as imagined by someone that never really had orange zest. There is no tartness to it,no bite, only super sweetness. The fondant is grainy and if you are unlucky enough to have a cavity it will find it for you.
Needless to say I was not impressed.

I hope the Easter bunny leaves these out of my basket.


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