Sunday, March 2, 2008

Little Debbie Cherry Pie

Fruity Pies- so good they should be there own food group.

My favorite of the convenience fruit pies has long been the Hostess lines. I hadn't even known Little Debbie had their own version until I was browsing through CVS- and you know that meant I had to try them!

I picked up the Cherry version (because who doesn't love cherry pie?)
The pastry is heavily glazed an is thicker then the Hostess version. It sort of reminded me of grocery store bakery pie crust, if you are a pie of that then I am sure u would love it.

The filling is generous but is very, very sweet. There were little bits of cherry buried deep in the goo but they seemed to have no flavor of their own.

I feel safe to say that I will be sticking to the Hostess version.


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