Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Girl Scout Samoa Cookies- Updated!

It's Girl Scout cookie time!!
My addiction to Samoa's is probably well documented in every troop HQ from here to California. I swear those little green sashed darlings have a mug shot of me or something because at this time of year I swear they hunt me out. Maybe it's because I am an easy sell, maybe it's the fact that I have been known to buy a years worth of cookies to freeze- or it could be because everyone I know seems to have a scout daughter.

Any way, after purchasing what I am underestimating to be about 700 boxes of Samoa's this year I thought maybe I should review them.

Is there really a better mass made cookie out there?
I don't know which part I love more. The toasted coconut (the only way I like coconut) or the gooey, slightly too sweet caramel. They are crunchy, yet gooey and sweet! I know the Thin Mints are slightly more popular (and I do like those as well) but c'mon people! how do you not love these?!

The only thing I don't like about them is the use of mocklate rather then real chocolate. WHY???!!!! were they always made with mocklate rather then chocolate?
I did send off an email to Little Brownie Bakers asking just that question and should I get a reply I will do an up date.

As promised I got an email back from Little Brownie regarding the question as to if the chocolate used on the cookie was real chocolate or mocklate. The responce was:

Dear Gigi,

Thank you for contacting Little Brownie Bakers. Girl Scouts depend on great customers like you!

The chocolate on the Samoas is cocoa powder sweetened with alkali.

Gigi, We are grateful for the opportunity to respond. Thank you for your support of the Girl Scouts in your community.


Consumer Affairs Department"

Well at least they were quite prompt with responding!

About 6 different local troops.

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