Sunday, March 16, 2008

Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

Twizzlers are one of those candies that I don't keep in the house because I WILL eat the package in an embarrassingly short amount of time.
Personally, I prefer the old school Strawberry Twists but I thought I would give these a chance.

They come in handy packs of six- one of each flavor. There is Strawberry, orange, lemonade, blue raspberry, watermelon and grape.

These smell like baby aspirin and taste like taking a bite out of a strawberry chapstick. Why they messed with perfection and didn't go with the classic strawberry is beyond me. UGH!

The smell was promising, kinda like orange soda. Not bad, kind of like Sunkist soda meets orange Tic-Tacs.

Doesn't really have a smell. The taste is sort of like a weak lemonhead. If these were stronger they would be pretty good.

Again no smell. Again with the chapstick taste. Think of how great these would have been with a strong Jolly Ranchers like flavor! But no....

Blue Raspberry:
Promising as it was both blue (and there are just not enough blue foods) and it smelled like a Blue Raspberry Slurpee! Unfortunately, it tastes like a 3 day old Slurpee that had an affair with envelope paste- only it was less good then that. Again, this flavor could have been so good!

Smelled like grape soda! taste like grape soda! the best of the pack.

The pack was fresh and the Twizzlers were super soft, had this been the classic Twizzlers they would have been perfect! As is they were just bad. These good have been so good!- why?! why?!

For another take check out Cybele's review her pictures are great btw.


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Mike said...

I love the regular twizzlers and I want to like these but every time i try em im turned off by the doughiness of them.