Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dasani Plus- Calm & Relax Water

Dasani has added a fourth flavor to the plus Line!
I have tried all three of the original flavors and liked all of them enough to purchase them again (I still like the Pom/Blackberry best) so I was happy to see a new flavor out there.

The new water is a lemon lime that is supposed to calm and relax. And has extra vitamins E, B6 and Magnesium. I have been under a lot of stress lately and am up for trying anything that will help me chill out (OK almost anything). I also happen to like lemon lime so I figured it would be win-win.

The first thing that turned me off to be honest was the color. The water is a shade of yellow that to say it bluntly reminded me of urine. It's not bright enough to make me think of say a super sugary kids drink. And it's not clear enough to make me think of water with a fresh squirt of lemon or lime.

That lovely visual aside, let's move on to smell. It smells EXACTLY like a lime Otter Pop- you know those tubes of somewhat fruit flavored sugar that you freeze yourself. Not a bad smell. It's the kind of sweet smell that you know will be followed by an artificial flavor.

And the water does not disappoint, well actually it does. The flavor is a lot like one of those Otter Pops if you were to drink it unfrozen right from the tube. It's lemon lime in the fakest way possible. I don't get it, it's not like Coke doesn't make their share of lemon lime flavored products why did this one turn out so badly?
I kept drinking it, hoping that with each sip the flavor would grow on me. But alas, it never did.

The other three flavors are all pretty darn good but I will not be going back for seconds on this one.


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