Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Starbucks Chocolates Chai Truffles

A new way to take my Starbucks addiction to the next level!!
As if I really needed another reason. Starbucks has launched a new line of premium chocolate.

I started out with the Chai Truffles as my first taste/review. I love that chai spice has been so popular recently- this is what the third chai product review I have done.

I don't say this often but these candies are so cute!, they look like little upside down tea cups! The chocolate is a glossy milk. The truffles also smell terrific. Warm and spicy, the cinnamon and a hint of black pepper come right through.

Biting through the truffle the chocolate shell is thick and has a good snap to it. It's a sweet milk chocolate that has a nice melt.
The chai center is outstanding. Smooth, the spice plays off of the chocolate perfectly- you can taste the clove and anise. There seems to be some citrus notes. The cardamom is clean and deep.

I hope that the rest of the line is as good as these truffles because they did an excellent job with these.


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