Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mrs. Smiths Heavenly 100 Chocolate Mousse

100 calorie chocolate mousse?!

For 100 calories this really is pretty good!
The chocolate is deep and rich (like Dutch Cocoa) and while it doesn't have a lingering flavor it also does not have an aftertaste as some low calorie chocolate products have. It reminded me of the taste of a fudgecicle to tell the truth.

The texture is kind of weird. It looks like it would have the fluffy, airy feel that real mousse has when in fact it more like low quality frozen yogurt. It is sort of airy but there is no creamy mouth feel. On its own, again it is good for a low calorie dessert but it's not very mousse like.

I wish the texture was more mousse like but over all I liked it. For a 100 calorie product it delivers a lot of taste for a small price and it's close enough to an ice cream/froyo experience that for some it might even solve that craving. Well worth trying!

Publix Supermarket

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Anonymous said...

This is a tasty dessert. The texture improves if it is allowed to soften a few minutes before eating. Solves my late night craving!