Monday, November 3, 2008

Alta Dena Holiday Egg Nog

Woo Hoo! the first egg nog of the year!
Yes, Gigi loves her some egg nog (and talking about herself in the third person!). My normal egg nog of choice in recent years has become Lactaid's version- but as much as I like that there really is no substitute for egg nog made with real dairy.

I know I have had Alta Dena's version in the past but it has been at least 5 years and even if it hadn't been that long- it's the first egg nog of the year! (clearly I need an egg nog intervention)

So how was it?
Very, very thick! I had forgotten how thick a good dairy egg nog could be. There is something really satisfying about the heavy, creamy mouth feel. Since the Alta Dena version has both milk and cream in it, that probably is it's own answer.

There is nice hearty nutmeg flavor with a nice cinnamon edge. There is even a pinch of ginger that adds just a little heat.

Just yum! this gets an 11!!
It's thick, rich, perfectly spiced. It's like Christmas in a cup.

Albertsons Supermarket

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Anonymous said...

Alta Dena is one of the better tasting egg nog in the market. But my favorite is Organic Valley and Broguiere's Dairy.