Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jones Soda- Pear Tree Holiday 2008

And here I had told myself this would be the year I broke down and tried the Turkey and Gravy soda!
I actually had gone to Target (the exclusive dealers of this years batch of holiday soda) and they didn't have it- but they did have this years three offerings: Candy Cane (which I already tired), Pear Tree and Mele Kalikimaka.

The Pear Tree is where I have decided to start. Like all of the Jones soda line it is sweetened with pure cane sugar, so that's point 1 in Jones favor.

The neon green soda smells vaguely pear like.
Taste wise. It's like carbonated sugar that someone thought about pears while mixing. I couldn't get past the sweetness for more then a couple of sips. Yes, like I said there is something vaguely pear-like about it but mostly it is just sugar.

This would probably be good for hypering up any assorted carpet sharks- (I meant children) left in your care.


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