Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Perugina Chocolate Covered Cherries

I have a system for eating chocolate covered cherries.
I like to bite off the bottom of the base of the candy and "drink" out the filling (I prefer the liquid filled to the creme filled cherries).

The Perugina version is a creme filled one, enrobed in dark chocolate.

The bottom of the one I tried was a little sticky-as if some of the creme had oozed out at some point and the chocolate smelled sweet. Biting into the cherry the base came off cleanly and it was sweet- it's was diabetes in a chocolate dome sweet.
The "creme" center was pretty much pure sugar mixed with cough syrup as best I could tell. And not good cough syrup!- no, it was like cheap discount, no name cough syrup.

The chocolate sadly, was also entirely too sweet. There was was good thing about this candy and that was the cherry it's self. Somehow it managed to be the only part of the candy that wasn't drowning in sugar. It was large and plump and had the rest of the candy been better it would have been outstanding.

Personally, I think I am going to stick to Cella's version.

Claro's Italian Market

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