Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cocoa Pete's Caramel Knowledge

It's candy! It's innuendo! it's coffee!
Need I say more?
Oh, yeah you might want to know how it tastes...

The outer shell is a surprisingly thick decadent dark chocolate. It's a 61% cacao chocolate. It's woodsy and has a great snap to it. It is also just sweet enough that it doesn't have that overwhelming bitterness some dark chocolates can have. The chocolate on it's own is pretty darn good.

The center is a coffee, caramel ganache-like filling. The caramel is not sticky or gooey. It's almost fudgy in it's texture. According to the box there is real Italian coffee in there. While you can certainly taste the coffee I hate to say it but the filling tastes more like sour milk then coffee and caramel.

If these had been a simple caramel filling or even better a salted caramel with this chocolate it would have been excellent. As it is now... Hey did I mention the chocolate was good?

Longs Drug

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Good chocolate + Coffee + Caramel! Sounds like a winner to me! Cant say i have ever heard of the brand before though!