Friday, November 21, 2008

Dean's French Onion Dip

I don't eat dip all that often...
No real reason. Mostly it is because I just never think to get it. Every once and awhile though I get an obscenely powerful craving for onion dip. The rules for comsumption of said dip are the following:
1. The dip must be very cold
2. The only acceptable dippers are Lay's Potato Chips, Spicy Nacho Dorito's or celery (yeah, I am not sure how that snuck in either).
I prefer homemade (and by "homemade" I pretty much mean from the packet mized with sour cream) but today I went for ready made.

I seemed to recall liking the Dean's brand in the past so that is what I picked up today.

First off, the texture. While it is creamy and smooth it is weirdly thick. Sort of like a cross between sour cream and whipped cream cheese.
The onion flavor is an overly fake carmelized onion flavor. and the rest is just sour cream (weirdly thick sour cream). It's not bad, it's just not memorable in any way.

I think I am going to have to keep searching for a new onion dip.

Albertsons Supermarket

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Anonymous said...

I have eaten Dean's and only Dean's French Onion Dip for about ten years. Just recently I realized that the dip has been changed. Please bring the old dip back. It was wonderful just the way it was. The cool n creamy is not for me. I miss my wonderful snack!