Friday, November 14, 2008

Nestle Toll House Fudgy Brownies with Peanut Butter Filling

Could it really be so easy to get hot and fudgy peanut butter brownies by just opening the package and heating the oven?
Well, yes it kind of is.
The brownies are indeed fudgy and soft. There are melty chocolate chips on the top -I am pretty sure they are milk chocolate, but to be honest because of the strong flavor of the brownie it's self I couldn't tell.

Texture wise the brownies are dense and fudgy. Personally, I prefer my brownies to be on the thicker more cake like side, but these brownies are still really moist.

The best part hands down is the peanut butter. It's a thin layer that hides just before the flaky top crust. It's not too strong or sweet- it adds the perfect amount of peanut butter flavor.

For basically "instant" brownies these are pretty good!

Albertsons Supermarket


Michele said...

Alright, these brownies are the most disgusting things I have ever tried. I am googling for these brownies online, JUST so I can give them a crappy review because they REALLY ARE THAT BAD! So bad they have offended me. blech!

Gigi said...

Does this mean there will be more for me lol?

If it makes you feel any better my best friend actually felt pretty much the same way. I still am a fan- but I think what it is for me is that they sort of remind of Drakes Funny Bones (which I can't get on the west coast)