Monday, November 17, 2008

New Tree Renew Bar

In the sprite of renewing I have been trying to work through my review stash (which is really just an excuse to buy more candy)
I decided today's stash buster (can you tell I am also a knitter?) is New Tree's Renew bar. I have loved all of the previous New Tree bar's I have tried and I don't think this is going to be the exception.

The Renew bar is a dark chocolate bar with black currants.
As soon as you open the Mylar wrapper you immediately get hit with the smell of the currants. It is sort of a cross between raspberries, grapes and cherries. The dark chocolate adds a woodsy note.

The bar breaks with a satisfying snap (I do love that sound) and when you put it on your tongue the first thing you taste is the bitterness of the chocolate (which you should expect because it's a minimum 73% chocolate). There is almost a burnt coffee, earthy quality to the chocolate. Because it is such a deep dark there is not much of a melt. The black currant reminded me of a cross between raspberries and cherries. I liked it because it was sweet enough to stand up to dark chocolate but not so tart that between it and the chocolate you found yourself puckered up like you had just sucked on an entire bag of Lemon heads.

If you are into dark, earthy and slightly bitter this is the bar for you.

Zabars NYC

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