Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chocolove Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate Bar

Again, do I really need to repeat my love of chocolate and orange paired together?
Yes, I am sure we would all like to skip my gushing, so let's just talk about the Chocolove pair.

The Chocolove Orange Peel bar is a 55% dark chocolate and just like you may have guessed from the name it does indeed have pieces of orange peel sprinkled throughout. Actually sprinkled doesn't describe it good enough- there is no mistaking or missing the orange peel. The peels are candied and manage to be both soft and crispy at the same time which makes for a really wonderful texture. The peels give a very naturally sweet taste that lingers even after the candy is gone.

The chocolate while not the darkest of dark's does stay to the side of bitter- which pairs with the orange like Bert with Ernie. It is just creamy enough that there is a nice melt.

This was a really nice bar. I got this one at Target and if you find yourself wondering the aisles there you should pick one up! (and you know if you got an extra one for me...)


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