Friday, November 7, 2008

Hershey's Bliss- Creme De Menthe

When I read that there was going to be a mint version out for the holidays I had to hunt them down.
Since I had zero luck finding the Caramel Apple Kisses I was worried that the Mint Bliss was going to be the same thing. Luckily for me right there in the center of all of the Xmas candy was a big stash o' Bliss!

Would it be terribly embarrassing to admit that I actually had to restrain myself to get dinner started cooking before I tore into the bag?

Again, I am admittedly not often kind to Hershey's or to the Bliss line (although I did really like the Raspberry Bliss) so it probably sounds strange that I am so excited about these. That my friends should tell you how much I love mint.

Enough build up, how are they?
When you open the bag there is a wonderfully intense mint aroma- that part is good... Sadly it is down hill from here.
When you unwrap the actually candy the first thing you smell is sugary chocolate. And yes, the chocolate is indeed VERY, VERY sweet. There is a strong dairy taste to it and it has a smooth, cool feel on the tongue. It's not bad, it's just mediocre.
The mint is on the toothpasty side, wait that is actually being too kind. It's more like Mylenta.

Sadly, as far as I am concerned these can stay with the rest of the Bliss line (minus the Raspberry). Great idea though!
Albertsons Supermarket


2 Conservative Women said...

Oh well, these sounded like something B might like, since he loves the mint and chocolate combo. But, after reading your review, I think I'll pass. Kiddo has recently switched from those little Dove chocolates to the Hershey's, btw.

I thought of you the other day when I saw a magazine ad for the new Reeses Clusters. Have you checked them out yet? They would be good to review!

Megan said...

I totally agree about the mint Bliss. Such a letdown : P

I've seen the Caramel Apple kisses at a couple stores. I'll pick up a bag next time I'm shopping and let you know if they're any good.

Jen said...

are you kidding? i love these things!