Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vosges Organic Peanut Butter Bonbon Bar

In my past reviews of Vosges chocolates I think I have made it pretty clear that they are beyond amazing. I have given you many examples of how good they are in relation to hot men. The last place we left off was a "Naked Stephen Colbert Accepts My Proposal" good. How do I possibly top that? There are ways my friends and if I went into them this would no longer be a PG-13 rated blog!

Moving on... As much as I have professed my love for Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Cups as being the single best peanut butter chocolate on the planet this bar is about a bizillion times better.

Ok, picture a deep milk chocolate, still creamy and rich in dairy but not too sweet with a nice satisfying snap. Then fill that chocolate with a peanut butter that is rich with roasted goodness and just gritty enough that it is like the peanut butter is roughly ground. But wait for it- here comes the best part- the whole thing is sprinkled with salt!! Yes, glorious, wonderful salt!
The salt set's all the other flavors off. Now, don't be worried there is not so much salt that you wonder where the chocolate or the peanut butter is.

AND the whole thing is organic!
I am in love!

Once again just a reminder that the kind folks over at Vosges would like to give you a chance to taste them as well.
Just in time for the holidays they are offering my dear readers 10% off of all purchases made on they're website Vosges Chocolates.Com simply add in code 2810WB1 and you are on your way to some amazing treats (check out that site, you could have all of your holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving!)

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