Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vosges Caramel Marshmallows

Ok let's just read the ingredient list shall we?
Marshmallows made with bourbon vanilla beans, sweet sugar caramel, French guerande grey sea salt, dark chocolate and pecan & walnut toffee. Yeah, as if there is any chance that this is going to be anything less then amazing?

Let's put it this way. If some things are so good they are like "Clive Owen naked good" and other products are even better so they are like "Stephen Colbert accepting my marriage proposal" good what do you call something that tops even that?

How about "A naked Stephen Colbert accepts my proposal while laying on a bearskin rug in front of a fire" good:
Yeah, these are THAT good.

The marshmallow it's self is soft and fluffy. You can see the specks of vanilla bean in there. The sharp tang of the sea salt mixing into the the smooth creamy caramel- must I tell you again how much I love salt and caramel together? The crunch of the sweet toffee against the slightly bitter, woodsy chocolate. Seriously, this is one of the best things ever to be put in my mouth.

The kind folks over at Vosges would like to give you a chance to taste them as well.
Just in time for the holidays they are offering my dear readers 10% off of all purchases made on they're website Vosges Chocolates.Com simply add in code 2810WB1 and you are on your way to some amazing treats (check out that site, you could have all of your holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving!)

Now, if you will excuse me Stephen and I have a few more marshmallows to finish (ok by "Stephen and I" I really mean ME!- I love him but I AM NOT SHARING!)

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lisaiscooking said...

Wow, do those look good! Good luck with your proposal to Stephen!