Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taco Bell Fully Loaded Nachos

If you are anything like me at this point the thought of another bite of turkey leftovers is enough to send you riffling for something Else. and it is normally at that point for me that Taco Bell starts to sound pretty good.
Couple the fact that I am sick of turkey with the 900 commercials Taco Bell is running for the new Fully Loaded Nachos and I bet you know what I opted for.

According to the ad's and Taco Bell's website the nachos are topped with double the beef, guac, Fiesta salsa, sour cream, tortilla strips, nacho cheese, shredded cheese, beans and for just a little extra jalapenos if you desire. The whole thing is seated in a big taco shell and there is supposed to be topping in every bite.

I like Taco Bell nachos. They are just so bad they are good. The cheese is bright orange and way too salty, the meat is meat in the loosest sense of the word. The beans are the most plentiful of ingredients. And yet some how it all comes together.
The Fully Loaded nacho's are no exception to this- and I am a fan of the taco shell. It's just that for "fully loaded" the amount of topping is rather sparse. What's there is good but I think you get more bang for the buck with the Nacho's Bell Grande.

Hey at least it wasn't another piece of turkey!



Anonymous said...

I just came online to see what the ingredients were, and I have to say, I will always be a fan of the Nachos Bell Grande

So I guess the Bell Grand is better

Anonymous said...

i gotta say their food is good but the nachos fully loaded is so the best never get rid of it. it rocks

Anonymous said...

i like the shell more than the sell after having it i was left with a lot of dry nachos. 2nd time asked for no nachos, extra cheese ground beef and sour cream ate with shell not nachos, was great