Friday, November 7, 2008

Vosges Bombalinas- Naga Mango

I still remember the very first time I had a mango...
It was a magical time, coffee houses were all the rage. Bands had cool names like Toad & The Wet Sprocket or Hootie & The Blowfish. Al Gore had just invented the Internet and waaay back in the day said Internet use came with a per minute charge (you don't even want to know how much our AOL bill was!)- oh yeah 56K was lighting fast!

It was on a warm summer night. My best friend and I were huddled around a CRT monitor debating the merits of Classic Trek vs. TNG with other nerds from all over the world (the sad part is I did not make that up for literary purposes). Anyway, said best friend is from St. Croix and he had just purchased a flat of mango's (he BTW, is one of those talented people who can reach into a huge pile of mango's and pull out a perfectly ripe one seemingly at random every time) and while we were in a heated battle over who was the better Captian Kirk or Picard (shyeah, as if anyone could top Kirk!) we dug into the box of mango's with abandon. Since that night I have come to love mango's almost as much as I love Trek.

When I saw the little boxes of the Naga Mango Bombalinas tucked into the package Vosges sent me I squealed like a Ferengi who just found a bar of latinum.

The candies are strips or pieces of dried mango covered in dark chocolate and dusted with sweet curry. OMG! again, there are times when some candies are just too good to properly explain.

First the dark chocolate is a 62% dark chocolate. It has deep woodsy notes, it's a little bitter but that pairs incredibly well with the curry and the mango. The mango is just thick enough to be chewy without being tough (like a good fruit leather) It's sweet and that sweetness balances out the bitterness of the chocolate. The curry is the most interesting part. Unless you are a big curry head you might not be able to quite place what the flavor is because it is subtle, just a little firey (well maybe "warm" would be a better description) I could be imagining it but it comes off a little peppery to me. I just love everything about it. All three flavors work together as well as Kirk, Spock and Bones!

Oh, and being the good friend I am I shared my stash with my best friend- who proceeded to help me finish the box in one sitting... I think he liked it too!

Once again just a reminder that the kind folks over at Vosges would like to give you a chance to taste them as well.
Just in time for the holidays they are offering my dear readers 10% off of all purchases made on they're website Vosges Chocolates.Com simply add in code 2810WB1 and you are on your way to some amazing treats (check out that site, you could have all of your holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving!)

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