Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oreo Old Fashioned Candy Cane - Limited Edition

Yes, let me just admit right now that I did give out an obscenely loud squeal right there in the middle of Walmart*
Who even knew that there was a candy cane Oreo coming out this year! (and if you did know why did you not tell me?!)

Much like the other limited edition Oreo's the cookie is the classic cookie. I am not even going to go into that. They are of course fab and we all know it.

The limited editions are all about the cream. These have the same amount of filling as a double stuff- personally I think it is a bit much (I am all about the cookie) but the cream is cool and just a little grainy. The smell of the mint is stronger then the mint flavor it's self. I was worried that it might be medicinal but it is pretty close to an actual candy cane style mint.

I tried it out "pure" (right out of the bag) and dunked in milk (purely, for scientific purposes of course) and while I liked it both ways I give the edge to the cookies dipped in milk.

I wonder if I leave these for Santa if he will bring me a Disneyland Annual Passport?



Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Oh my goodness. I just googled these Oreos trying to find a picture of them so I could write about them, and it brought me here. (Can you believe that your picture is like, the only one in existance?) I bought a bag yesterday at about 4pm. I opened them at 6pm. They were GONE at 7pm! I'm so in love with these.

Unknown said...

I had no idea actually!- and yes, it does appear that I have beat the rest of the world to the punch! (how is that for bragging rights?!)

Sara, my bag too has sadly gone the way of the dinosaur and the days when Madonna was still fun. Which leads me to think another Walmart* visit might be in order...

Lindy said...

I wanted to post about these on my blog, but can't find a single image. Thank goodness for you.

I love these cookies. Too few in the bag, though!

Lindy said...

I also googled them to find an image so I could blog about them, but none to be found. Thanks for taking the pic!

I love these cookies, but there are too few in the bag!

Unknown said...

These look fan-bloody-tastic!!!! Sometimes Limited Editions do come out big winners!!

Anonymous said...

hmm... How are they compared with Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's? Ever taste those?

Anonymous said...

in case you want to compare, Trader Joe's makes a seasonal "Candy Cane Joe Joe" which is the same exact thing. Chocolate cookie sandwich with candy cane cream in the middle.

Unknown said...

Sadly, I have yet to try TJ's version- BUT I work right next to a TJ's (aren't we all glad I have such iron willpower? lol) but I am going to get a bag and the review will be soon!

These may be the best limited edition EVER!

Glad to help! now get ready to laugh because when I was checking out your blog post I couldn't help but think I might have to try those Blue Bunny Egg Nog ice cream Sandwiches looked pretty interesting (my name is Gigi and I addicted to egg nog).
OT but I have to ask are you a fan of "The Office" and is that how you named your other blog?

shoeaddict said...

I, too, am here because I just tried these and had to blog about them. I tried to find a picture and Google led me to you.

I LOVE them.

Unknown said...

I have been on a mission to find more of these and have come up short at each Wal-Mart...and every other retailer I check. (So far I have gotten teh last bag at 2 different WalMarts) They are the most delicious cookies and it is sinful that so few come in the bag...or at least it seems liek so few because they are gone so quickly. I am on a mission to have them sent direct to me. Why would they want to limit this edition..I am okay with minty goodness all year long. Anyone know where else to get these?

Anonymous said...

These are the best!! I would marry them if i could!!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY!!! Taste just like Girl Scout Thin Mints, but even better.

Sharon said...

The original Old Fashioned candy cane was so yummy. Then the candy cane that followed (weird two tone) was not as good. This year they have a peppermint that is closer to the old fashioned and so yummy. Just fyi to share the oreo love.