Saturday, November 15, 2008

Choxie Milk Chocolate Cherry Vanilla Waffle Cone Truffle Bar

Seriously, is that name long enough?
Long name aside I couldn't resist this bar when I saw it. I love all of those things. I was looking forward to the waffle cone pieces the most.

The bar is a white chocolate truffle center that is flavored with vanilla. There are small pieces of cherry, somewhere in all that are little teeny, tiny pieces of waffle cone and the whole thing is covered in creamy milk chocolate.

It reminded me a lot of a solid version of Cherry Vanilla ice cream. The vanilla is very subtle. The cherry pieces are sweet and the flavor lingers through the bar even if you don't actually get a piece in each bite. While you can (kinda) tell that the waffle pieces are there because all of a sudden you will get a random crunch, sadly there is no real flavor. The chocolate the enrobes the bar is sweet and you can taste the dairy notes.

I really liked this bar. The only thing I wish they had done is gone for more of a Kit-Kat effect with the waffles.


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